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Intervention Programmes for Schools

Specialist SEND Education and Tutoring Services

Closing the Attainment Gap

Due to the onset of covid large numbers of students have fallen behind their peers. In order to support learners structured interventions, delivered on a one to one or small group basis are being offered. Interventions programmes are personalised and cover the core needs as an individualised intervention. Academic research has identified adverse effects on long term achievement if students start secondary school with below national standard verbal and written literacy levels. Empirically driven interventions, used correctly, can guide teaching methodology and re-engage students who are falling behind. 

Our intervention specialists work with you to provide consistent engagement covering numeracy, literacy and all subjects across national curriculum. As a pre-existing SEN specialised tuition service we are able to provide staff able to deal with  other aspects of learning, such as behaviour or pupils’ social and emotional needs, or focus on particular groups of pupils identified special educational needs or disabilities. Well targeted support can be managed through baseline assessments and termly pupil progression updates measured against baselines and national standards.

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Cost Effectiveness

Educ8sen provides individualised, targeted driven child centred interventions and tuition. Closing the attainment gap and supporting low income and vulnerable students.

Our programmes focus on helping schools to deliver interventions by levying government support using Pupil Premium funding and the covid catch up plan for cost effectiveness.

Teacher Assisting a Student

One to One and Group Tuition

A growing body of evidence suggests one to one tuition to be the most effective catch up intervention strategy available. However both one to one and small group tuition have proved effective approaches. 

Tuition is guided by the school and linked to the curriculum. Tutors work with teachers and students focussing on areas of most benefit allowing fro additional practise and feedback

After School Tuition

Specific cases may require after school or weekend one to one or group tuition programmes. Particularly with low-attaining or disadvantaged students. Studies have shown extended school hours to have a positive impact on attendance and behaviour. Academically out of school hours tuition can account for 2+ months of progression.

We can assist by providing QTS tutors and support staff for after school and weekend tuition.

Tutoring Session
At the Library

Supporting Parents

A key variable when measuring the impact of intervention is support from both parents and staff.

If required, our vast tuition Coordinators can work with pastoral staff keeping parents updated on on progress reports and attendance sheets. We believe in parent participation by means of shared ownership of tuition.

Temporarily Excluded

As a long time specialist provider of tuition and partner of multiple local authorities in Greater London and home counties our tutors are experienced in dealing with hard to reach young people.

We can provide home, virtual or in the community tuition, delivered by QTS tutors or support staff. Re-engagement programmes are delivered to young people on a short or long term basis dependant on needs.  Many of our students at risk of exclusion have been re-integrated back into mainstream education using this intervention.

School Hallway

Beyond Industry Gold Standards for 

Compliance & Safeguarding

Every education worker completes rigorous safeguarding and compliance checks before they are exposed to working with young or vulnerable people. Going beyond industry best practises means you can feel safe in the knowledge we care.

Compliance checks are completed with diligence, speed and efficiency. We care about the welfare of young people and leave no stone unturned, understanding the importance of safeguarding having worked directly with vulnerable young people.

Excited Children in Science Class
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