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How We Can Help

Specialist SEND Education and Tutoring Services

Our Process

Support Call

Initial Contact

Coordinators will contact you to get a better understanding of you and your child's, match an appropriate tutor to meet those needs.

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The Agreement

The learning plan is discussed with you and your child. An agreement is made between all parties and signed, giving ownership of learning to your child

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Home Visit

Tutors come to your home to meet you and your child, learn more about their interests, current ability and goals to better engage your child. 

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Staying Informed

Coordinators and tutors work with you and keep you updated on progress. Interaction between all parties is essential to ensure learning outcomes.

Distance Learning

Learning Plan (IEP)

Our fully qualified teacher who specialises in your child's needs will create an (IEP) Individualised Engagement Plan. Based around the home visit.

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Return to School

If possible, an agreed upon re-integration date is worked towards. Tuition can continue in order to ensure your child maintains engagement

About Us

Educ8sen are a specialist SEN tutoring agency, We have decades of experience in SEN education, SEN recruitment and running a number of children's homes. This hands on experience with hard to reach, special needs and emotional needs young people means we are in a position to better understand their needs and what type of tutor to match with you child for to get the most out of tuition. Above all we prioritise the wellbeing of your child above all else.

As a family run service we care about the wellbeing of all children. Our senior coordinators are older people with families of their own some of whom have children with additional needs. The service is set out to ensure parents are completely comfortable and happy with the tuition offered. Coordinators work together with tutors and parents, ensuring the level of the tuition is being maintained at the highest possible level and you child is progressing toward the outlined goals which were agreed upon.


Speak to one of our coordinators, they are always willing to help with any issue you need resolving.

Book a Free Consultation

Speak to our specialist coordinators about programmes and your child's needs

Our Experience

Many of our learners have been in transition, between education and reintegrated into alternative provisions, specialist or mainstream schools. This is achieved by encouraging and promoting learning experience by providing high quality, individualised, child centred and differentiated schemes of work to meet learner needs. Tutors are vastly experienced SEN qualified teachers who are used to working with large numbers of students, giving your child the best possible education.

Past students come from a range of backgrounds with varied needs. This includes autistic spectrum disorders, social and emotional needs, mild to severe learning disabilities, at risk of exclusion, temporary or permanently excluded. Our tutors work within school setting, at the home or within the community, giving flexibility with consideration of the best possible outcomes for your child, supplementing learning and promoting reintegration as a preferable outcome, when applicable.

Beyond Industry Gold Standards for 

Compliance & Safeguarding

Every education worker completes rigorous safeguarding and compliance checks before they are exposed to working with young or vulnerable people. Going beyond industry best practises means you can feel safe in the knowledge we care.

Compliance checks are completed with diligence, speed and efficiency. We care about the welfare of young people and leave no stone unturned, understanding the importance of safeguarding having worked directly with vulnerable young people.

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Testimonials from Parents using our services

I found Maria thoughtful and extremely helpful when finding a good match for my daughter. We have a very successful match. She has been flexible and supportive to our needs and adapted skills and strategies to find ways to engage my child in learning and building her confidence. Educ8SEN will help with the transition to her new school and has played a massive role in preparing her entry back into mainstream, I was happy the agency could provide this continuity. I highly recommend this agency and I have had nothing but a positive, professional, highly organised and reliable service.” 


- Parent

Excellent, highly qualified tutors with also very good people skills that make the students feel comfortable.


- Parent

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